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Oracle 12c New RMAN Feature: Restore and Recovery of database table

Introduction Prior to Oracle database 12c, restoring a single table was not possible through RMAN and it required a lot of manual efforts to successfully restore and recover a specific database table. Oracle 12c database provides a

Rollback or Restore DDL in Oracle database

Introduction: There could be situations, where you as a DBA might have executed a wrong DDL for a particular database object or the developer might have written a wrong piece of code updating a database code incorrectly

Configure Goldengate DDL replication between Oracle Databases

Environment Used for the excersie: Source database : LABPA Target Database : LABPABR Listener Port : 1521 Source Schema : sender Target Schema : receiver Source Manager Port : 7809 Target Manager Port : 7809 GG_HOME=/opt/oracle/gg/12.1.2 –>

Restructure an Oracle table online using DBMS_REDEFINITION

Introduction As a DBA you may have faced situations, where you need to change the column ordering of a particular table. We have different options to accomplish the task. However, most of the methods requires an outage. Here,

Installing Oracle 12c Goldengate on Linux x64

Considerations (Demo Environment) GG_HOME=/opt/oracle/gg/12.1.2 Oracle RDBMS Release 12c is already installed ORCALE_HOME (for 12c database)=/app/oracle/product/12.1.0 Step 1: Download the installation package from OTN For Linux x64 :   Step 2: unzip   Step 3: Move

Script to check OS memory utilization for Oracle Instance

This shell script can be used to check, how much Physical Memmory a particular Oracle database instance is consuming on a Unix [Linux/SunOs] machine. #!/bin/sh ### script to find the actual memory utilization by a oracle instance
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