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Script to check Oracle Database Instance uptime

A simple sql query that can be used to find the uptime of a database in terms of Days, Hours and Minutes. -------------------------------------------------- -- Description: Script to check Instance Uptime -- -- Name: instance_uptime.sql -- -- Author:

Oracle Internals: Kernel parameters

Introduction: As a Oracle DBA, when we install Oracle binaries; we have to take care of a number of prerequisites. One of such prerequisite is to set Kernel Parameters to the Oracle recommended values. However, most of

Vmware : Add a new Virtual Disk without System Reboot

Introduction: While working on Linix in VMware, you often need to add new disks. However, the standard process requires a system reboot for Linux to identify the newly added disks. Today, in my post; I would be

Oracle Database 12c : Change in Listener Service Registration Architecture

Overview: While doing troubleshooting with service registration to Listener, I have come across a new Oracle Database background process in 12c called LREG (Listener Registration Process). Prior to Oracle Database 12c, PMON (Process Monitor) was responsible for

Oracle Database 12c : Additional User details are available

Introduction: Prior to Oracle database 12c, if the DBA has to query about the last login time of a database user, he has to query couple of tables and then merge the result. Apart from querying multiple

Oracle Database: Using a strong password

Using a strong password for the Database User’s account is a primary need to secure the database access.  A strong password requires a combination of letters, numbers, special characters, upper and lower case combination and a length of

Proxy Authentication in Oracle: How to act as a different database user

As a Oracle DBA, very often we face situations where we are asked to execute certain scripts as an Application User in the database. This task is quite simple provided we have the Application user’s password handy. The

Understanding Oracle GoldenGate Architecture

Introduction: GoldenGate is the Logical Replication solution provided by Oracle that can be used to replicate data across heterogeneous databases.   Overview of the Golden Gate Architecture: Oracle GoldenGate provides the following methods for replication across multiple heterogeneous

ORA-16535: Oracle Restart or Oracle Clusterware prevented completion of broker operation

  Recently, while doing Oracle database switchover through DG broker, I have encountered with the following errors. Just as note, I was deaing with Oracle Database Version:   Performing switchover NOW, please wait... Error: ORA-16535: Oracle
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