Monthly Archive:: November 2014

Oracle Database 12c: Data Redaction (Hiding sensitive data)

What is Data Redaction Data Redaction is the process of masking (redacting) data (more particularly sensitive data) for an application. Oracle Data Redaction functionality provides methods to mask (redact) data that is returned from user SELECT queries

Oracle Database 12c: The Multi-Threaded Process Model

History Oracle Database on Unix machines (Linux, Solaris, AIX, etc..) have always been a multiprocess database with each new version or release adding a new set of processes to the database architecture. However, On the contrary Oracle

Query to monitor progress of Index creation or Index rebuild

The following query can be used to monitor the progress of Index creation or Index rebuild for huge indexes. ------------------------------------- ---- Script: chk_idx_progress.sql ---- Author: Abu Fazal Mohammed Abbas -------------------------------------- set lines 200 col "Index Operation" for

Oracle Database: You can not shut me down !!

Today, I have come across a strange behavior of Oracle Database. I was trying to SHUTDOWN my database with the IMMEDIATE option and the database came back to me saying I can not shut it down. Here

Oracle Database 12c Multitenant: Create a Pluggable Database

Oracle Database 12c multitenant architecture allows multiple pluggable databases (PDB) to be hosted in a single container database (CDB) or root database. In today’s article, I would be discussing the different methods that we can utilize to

Installing MySQL on Linux: Part 2

This is the 2nd article in the series “Install MySQL on Linux”. In the first article, I had demonstrated how to install MySQL on Linux using RPM packages. Today, I would be demonstrating another method of installing
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