Monthly Archive:: December 2014

Oracle Database 12c: Move Datafile Online

Prior to Oracle Database 12c, moving a datafile was always a OFFLINE task. There were different approach to move a datafile. However, there was always a downtime associated with the datafile move operation. Oracle has introduced ONLINE

Oracle Database: Finding Trace Event Codes to help in debugging

We often need to set different level of tracing for debugging database issues. However, it is not realistic for a DBA to remember the list of all the tracing event codes that can be set for debugging

Oracle Database 12c: You can acess the actual runtime query

While browsing through Oracle Docs, encountered with yet another new feature that Oracle has introduced in the 12c release. Starting from 12c, we can now get to know the actual query that is being executed against the

Oracle Database: Timezone mismatch between Local and Remote Connections

Today, I have come across an interesting issue. One of the application that I support, was complaining about timezone mismatch in the database between the local and remote connections. Basically, when they were directly (BEQ connections/ Local

Oracle Multitenant: Impact of a Pluggable Database (PDB) Failure

Introduction Today I would be discussing the impact of a pluggable database failure (particularly media failure) on the other pluggable databases and the parent container database. In this article series, I am trying to make an attempt
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