Monthly Archive:: June 2015

Creating an index?? Do you know what’s gonna be its size ??

We, as a DBA often create indexes in Oracle Databases. We come to know about the Index size once it is being actually created. However, did you know that there is a simplest way to determine the

ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle Database 12c : Part 1

In my last article “Why Datapump Import (IMPDP) is not ignoring Index Statistics?”, we have seen how the database feature of gathering ONLINE statistics for INDEX prevented IMPDP to exclude the statistics collection during the import process.

Why Datapump Import (IMPDP) is not ignoring Index Statistics?

In today’s article, I would discuss a scenario where I was trying to speed up a Datapump import job by excluding the collection of table and index statistics during the import process. I was using EXCLUDE=STATISTICS option
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