Monthly Archive:: August 2015

OGG-01973: The redo record indicates data loss on object

Problem Description In one of our GoldenGate setup, the EXTRACT process got ABENDED with OGG-01973 error (The redo record indicates data loss on object) 2015-08-08 00:35:37 ERROR OGG-01973 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, EX_MYPROD.prm: The redo record

Archive dest is exhausted? Well, there is a alternative : Oracle

Issues that we face Ideally in a production Oracle database, we enable the archivelog mode for the ONLINE redo logs to be archived during log switches. We must also periodically backup and clean up the designated archivelog

Migrate Oracle database using Transportable Tablespace

I have been working with Oracle Databases since last 6 years. However, surprisingly I never had the opportunity to use the Transportable Tablespace option of migrating data from one Oracle database to another. Recently, I had the
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