Monthly Archive:: January 2016

Oracle 12c: Track and analyze privilege utilization with DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE

Introduction It is always desired to grant least possible privileges to database users to prevent any potential security threat. Granting additional/excessive privilege to a user is always associated with a potential database security threat. If we are

Oracle: All about recovering UNDO with no backup

Today’s post is all about recovering a database from a UNDO datafile loss (when there is no backup available). Ideally, we keep backup of our databases for PROD and PRE-PROD environments. However, most of the organizations do

Shareplex: Script to fix startup issue caused by shared memory segments

In my previous post, I had discussed about the workaround to fix Shareplex startup issue related to the shared memory segment or stale process. In today’s post, I would be presenting a shell script that can be

Shareplex: Fixing startup issue caused by shared memory segments

While trying to start Shareplex instance, it is failing with following errors. ##--- ##--- starting Shareplex instance ---## ##--- [oracle@mylab-01 log]$ $SP_BIN/sp_cop -u$SP_COP_TPORT & [1] 406 [oracle@mylab-01 log]$ ******************************************************* * SharePlex for Oracle Startup * Copyright 2014
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