Oracle 12c: Customize your seed (pdb$seed) template PDB
OTN Appreciation Day: Restore and Recovery of database table in Oracle 12c
Oracle 12c: A quick look in to the new SESSION sequence
Oracle 12c ( : Enhancement made to the alternate archive dest[ination] handling
Oracle 12c: Implemented TDE? Cloning a PDB? you need to perform few additional steps
Datapump import failed with ORA-04091: table is mutating
Oracle 12c: TRUNCATE can be cascaded down to the lowest level of hierarchy
Oracle 12c: DDL Logging.. will it serve the purpose?
Oracle 12c: Global Index maintenance is now asynchronous
Oracle 12c: Lost your PDB’s XML manifest file? Here’s how you can recover it
Oracle 12c : Know and understand your PDB’s history
Oracle Cloud: Accessing the database services
Create Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Oracle Cloud
ORA-22992, ORA-64202: When you treat CLOB as string
catupgrd.sql and ORA-01722: invalid number
Oracle 12c: Restrict OS authentication to a single pluggable database
Oracle 12c RAC: Move management repository database (MGMTDB) to different location
Oracle 12c RAC: Solving ‘Grid Infrastructure Management Repository connection error’
Oracle 12c: OS authentication and the multitenant architecture
Oracle 12c ( Now we can preserve the PDB state between instance startup
Oracle 12c RAC: Clusterware logs are now centralized
Oracle 12c: Track and analyze privilege utilization with DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE
Sometimes things don’t work as expected in Oracle
GoldenGate: Setting trail files auto purge and purging trails on demand
Oracle Database 12c: The Out of Place Materialized View refresh
Oracle 12c ( Consider extending READ privilege to public dictionary views
Oracle 12c ( Time to revoke SELECT (we have READ to offer)
ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle Database 12c : Part 2
Oracle 12c: Create Container Database with SQL*Plus
Oracle 12c: Create Container Database silently (non-interactive mode)
OGG-01973: The redo record indicates data loss on object
Archive dest is exhausted? Well, there is a alternative : Oracle
Migrate Oracle database using Transportable Tablespace
Creating Oracle Database Link with EZCONNECT (Easy Connect)
Oracle: The myth, reality and the curious case of count(*)
Creating an index?? Do you know what’s gonna be its size ??
ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle Database 12c : Part 1
Why Datapump Import (IMPDP) is not ignoring Index Statistics?
Interpreting Free Space in ASM Diskgroup
The unusual case of recreating Oracle (central) Inventory
Oracle database 12c (12.1) : Password file mystery
Oracle Database 12c (12.1): Datapump Export and Pluggable databases
Oracle RAC: GRID_HOME is occupied by crfclust.bdb
DBVERIFY: Do we really need a USERID ?
RMAN Block Media Recovery: Lets have a deeper look
Oracle Database 12c: Move Datafile Online
Oracle Database: Finding Trace Event Codes to help in debugging
Oracle Database 12c: You can acess the actual runtime query
Oracle Database 12c: Data Redaction (Hiding sensitive data)
What’s New in Oracle Database 12c Password file?
Create Disk with ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD)
Steps to migrate to Oracle ASM Filter Driver From ASMLIB (GI Standalone Setup)
ASM Filter driver doesn’t support Unbreakable Linux Kernel
An Encounter with ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD): Oracle GI 12c New Feature
Oracle Database 12c New Feature: Auto increment column value with DEFAULT clause
ORA-39726: While dropping column from compressed table
Which Index to choose? Global or Local Index for partitioned table !!
DESCRIBE table with variable substitute and the alternative
Oracle Database 12c : Additional User details are available
Oracle Database: Using a strong password
Understanding Oracle GoldenGate Architecture
ORA-16535: Oracle Restart or Oracle Clusterware prevented completion of broker operation
Oracle 12c New RMAN Feature: Restore and Recovery of database table
Rollback or Restore DDL in Oracle database
Configure Goldengate DDL replication between Oracle Databases
Restructure an Oracle table online using DBMS_REDEFINITION
Installing Oracle 12c Goldengate on Linux x64
Migrate a Non CDB database to PDB and plug in to a CDB using DBMS_PDB package
ORA-01555 from 11g target database while refreshing MVIEW
Steps to manually switch over database roles
RMAN Backup fails with ORA-27054: NFS file system where the file is created or resides is not mounted with correct options
Recreate AWR in Oracle 11g

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