How to Un-Catalog Duplicate Backup piece

  1. Use the RMAN,  CROSSCHECK command to find the duplicate entries for a backup file.
RMAN> crosscheck backup [completed ] [after/before]  [time]; 


2.  If you use the backup piece name of the duplicate entries, you will get the following error.

RMAN> change backuppiece 'I:ORACLEDWQBACKUPOIMNA9QB_1_1' uncatalog; 

RMAN-00571: =========================================================== 
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS =============== 
RMAN-00571: =========================================================== 
RMAN-03002: failure of uncatalog command at 09/24/2011 09:57:06 
RMAN-20261: ambiguous backup piece handle 
RMAN-06092: error while looking up backup piece 


3. Use the RECID from the crosscheck command to un-catalog the backup piece

RMAN> change backuppiece 19 uncatalog; 

uncataloged backup piece 
backup piece handle=I:ORACLEDWQBACKUPOJMNA9QK_1_1 RECID=19 STAMP=762687903 
Uncataloged 1 objects 
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