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Oracle 12c: Customize your seed (pdb$seed) template PDB

Oracle has introduced multi tenant architecture with the release of Oracle database 12c ( In a multi tenant Oracle database, we have a ROOT container database (CDB$ROOT), a SEED database (PDB$SEED) and the potential to have a

OTN Appreciation Day: Restore and Recovery of database table in Oracle 12c

This post is my contribution to the OTN Appreciation Day, a idea coined by Tim Hall. I am going to talk about the new restore and recovery feature introduced in Oracle 12c. Until 12c, we didn’t have

Oracle 12c: A quick look in to the new SESSION sequence

We are aware of the Oracle’s sequences. Sequences help us generate incremented sequence of numbers to be used as key for a record in the table. Until Oracle 11g, we used to create sequences which are persisted

Oracle 12c ( : Enhancement made to the alternate archive dest[ination] handling

In one of my earlier post, I had discussed about the option of setting up a alternate archive destination in Oracle database. We have seen that, how we can leverage the alternate archive destination in the event

My Query is slow: Is it doing a FTS on a fragmented table?

Recently one of my application users complaint about a performance issue. They had a query that they were running in two different environments (Dev and QA) of the same application. The problem was that the query was

Oracle 12c: Implemented TDE? Cloning a PDB? you need to perform few additional steps

With Oracle 12c multitenant architecture, we need to maintain TDE encryption keys in both root (CDB$ROOT) and pluggable database (PDB) level. If we clone a PDB (which is encrypted with TDE) to another PDB within the same

SharePlex: Integrate TDE with SharePlex replication

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is a Oracle database feature which was first introduced with Oracle 10g Release 2 as a OUT-OF-PLACE method to encrypt data at the storage level. By default, SharePlex is not capable of replicating

Datapump import failed with ORA-04091: table is mutating

Recently one of my application team asked me to refresh few tables in a lower environment database using the production copy of the tables. As usual, I opted to perform a Datapump import (impdp) to refresh (data

Oracle 12c: TRUNCATE can be cascaded down to the lowest level of hierarchy

Do you recall the following error? ---// ---// ORA-02266 when truncating table //--- ---// SQL> truncate table parent; truncate table parent * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02266: unique/primary keys in table referenced by enabled foreign keys Well,

Oracle 12c: DDL Logging.. will it serve the purpose?

Oracle had introduced a cool feature in version 11g, where we were able to log or track DDL statements executed in the database by means of a parameter called ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING without setting up database auditing. Setting ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING

Oracle 12c: Global Index maintenance is now asynchronous

Introduction Maintaining global indexes were always a expensive task in Oracle, particularly in the context of partitioned tables, where dropping or truncating a table partition could cause a global index to become UNUSABLE/INVALID unless specified to update

Oracle 12c: Lost your PDB’s XML manifest file? Here’s how you can recover it

In this post, I will demonstrate how we can recover a pluggable database’s XML manifest file in the event of the the XML manifest file being lost or corrupted. When we UNPLUG a pluggable database from a

Oracle 12c : Know and understand your PDB’s history

As we know, with Oracle 12c multi tenant architecture we can have multiple pluggable databases within a single container database. A pluggable database can be created in a container and if required can be unplugged from a

Oracle Cloud: Accessing the database services

In the last post, we have explored how to create a Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Oracle cloud. In this post, I will discuss about the methods of accessing the database service once it is

Create Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is making a lot of news these days. With companies moving to cloud, it looks like Cloud is here to stay. Oracle provides a wide range of Cloud services in the areas of SaaS/DaaS, PaaS
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