Oracle Database 12c: The Out of Place Materialized View refresh

Introduction: Prior to Oracle database 12c, Materialized View refresh was always an in place refresh, which means the changes were made in the existing materialized view table either by delete/insert, truncate/insert or append/insert method. However, beginning with

Oracle 12c ( Consider extending READ privilege to public dictionary views

While working on my last article, I had the opportunity to explore another real time scenario, where a non privileged user can completely cause application outage without having any privileged access to the database. By default any

Oracle 12c ( Time to revoke SELECT (we have READ to offer)

In today’s post, I am going to discuss yet another enhancement that is introduced with Oracle database 12c ( Prior to Oracle 12c (, whenever we had a requirement to create read only users, we used to

ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle Database 12c : Part 2

Today’s discussion is again on the ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle database 12c. In one of my earlier post, I had discussed about the extensions/enhancements made to the online statistics collections in Oracle 12c. We have seen

Oracle 12c: Create Container Database with SQL*Plus

Introduction In my last article, I had discussed about creating a container database in non-interactive with DBCA. However, we have seen there is a limitation with DBCA where it installs all the database components irrespective of the

Oracle 12c: Create Container Database silently (non-interactive mode)

Introduction In today’s article I will discuss and explore the creation of a multi-tenant Oracle 12c database. With the introduction of multi-tenant Oracle database architecture, the installation method has changed significantly when compared to the previous releases

Simple tricks to remove OEM Console’s blackout from command line: OEM 12c

Problem Summary When a target OEM agent is put under blackout from OEM console (GUI), the only valid way to remove the blackout is to use OEM console. However, there might be situations when we might not

OGG-01973: The redo record indicates data loss on object

Problem Description In one of our GoldenGate setup, the EXTRACT process got ABENDED with OGG-01973 error (The redo record indicates data loss on object) 2015-08-08 00:35:37 ERROR OGG-01973 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, EX_MYPROD.prm: The redo record

Archive dest is exhausted? Well, there is a alternative : Oracle

Issues that we face Ideally in a production Oracle database, we enable the archivelog mode for the ONLINE redo logs to be archived during log switches. We must also periodically backup and clean up the designated archivelog

Migrate Oracle database using Transportable Tablespace

I have been working with Oracle Databases since last 6 years. However, surprisingly I never had the opportunity to use the Transportable Tablespace option of migrating data from one Oracle database to another. Recently, I had the

Creating Oracle Database Link with EZCONNECT (Easy Connect)

EZCONNECT (Easy Connect) is there for a long time. However, learned something new today about it; that it can be used to create database links. Hence, thought a post on it would be helpful for others like

Oracle: The myth, reality and the curious case of count(*)

Today’s article is all about the popular count(*) method of checking cardinality and is dedicated to novice Oracle DBAs like me. We use count(*) almost everyday at some point to check the number of rows in a

Creating an index?? Do you know what’s gonna be its size ??

We, as a DBA often create indexes in Oracle Databases. We come to know about the Index size once it is being actually created. However, did you know that there is a simplest way to determine the

ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle Database 12c : Part 1

In my last article “Why Datapump Import (IMPDP) is not ignoring Index Statistics?”, we have seen how the database feature of gathering ONLINE statistics for INDEX prevented IMPDP to exclude the statistics collection during the import process.

Why Datapump Import (IMPDP) is not ignoring Index Statistics?

In today’s article, I would discuss a scenario where I was trying to speed up a Datapump import job by excluding the collection of table and index statistics during the import process. I was using EXCLUDE=STATISTICS option
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