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OTN Appreciation Day: Restore and Recovery of database table in Oracle 12c

This post is my contribution to the OTN Appreciation Day, a idea coined by Tim Hall. I am going to talk about the new restore and recovery feature introduced in Oracle 12c. Until 12c, we didn’t have

Oracle 12c ( : Enhancement made to the alternate archive dest[ination] handling

In one of my earlier post, I had discussed about the option of setting up a alternate archive destination in Oracle database. We have seen that, how we can leverage the alternate archive destination in the event

Oracle 12c: TRUNCATE can be cascaded down to the lowest level of hierarchy

Do you recall the following error? ---// ---// ORA-02266 when truncating table //--- ---// SQL> truncate table parent; truncate table parent * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02266: unique/primary keys in table referenced by enabled foreign keys Well,

Oracle 12c: Global Index maintenance is now asynchronous

Introduction Maintaining global indexes were always a expensive task in Oracle, particularly in the context of partitioned tables, where dropping or truncating a table partition could cause a global index to become UNUSABLE/INVALID unless specified to update

Oracle 12c RAC: Move management repository database (MGMTDB) to different location

Introduction This article outlines the steps required to relocate the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) database MGMTDB to a different file system storage. By default OUI (Oracle Universal Installer) creates the MGMTDB on the same file system

Oracle 12c RAC: Solving ‘Grid Infrastructure Management Repository connection error’

While trying to query the management repository path using OCLUMON utility, I was receiving the following error. ---// ---// error while accessing management repository //--- ---// myracserver1 {/home/oracle}: $GRID_HOME/bin/oclumon manage -get reppath Connection Error. Could not get

Oracle 12c ( Now we can preserve the PDB state between instance startup

As we know, Oracle has introduced the multitanent architecture with Oracle version 12c, where we can have multiple pluggable databases (PDB) within a single container database (CDB). However, when we start up a container database (CDB), all

Oracle 12c RAC: Clusterware logs are now centralized

When dealing with a Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) issue, a DBA generally needs to jump around multiple directories to find the relevant logs. Those days are now history as Oracle has centralized all the Clusterware (RAC)

Oracle 12c: Track and analyze privilege utilization with DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE

Introduction It is always desired to grant least possible privileges to database users to prevent any potential security threat. Granting additional/excessive privilege to a user is always associated with a potential database security threat. If we are

Oracle Database 12c: The Out of Place Materialized View refresh

Introduction: Prior to Oracle database 12c, Materialized View refresh was always an in place refresh, which means the changes were made in the existing materialized view table either by delete/insert, truncate/insert or append/insert method. However, beginning with

Oracle 12c ( Consider extending READ privilege to public dictionary views

While working on my last article, I had the opportunity to explore another real time scenario, where a non privileged user can completely cause application outage without having any privileged access to the database. By default any

Oracle 12c ( Time to revoke SELECT (we have READ to offer)

In today’s post, I am going to discuss yet another enhancement that is introduced with Oracle database 12c ( Prior to Oracle 12c (, whenever we had a requirement to create read only users, we used to

ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle Database 12c : Part 2

Today’s discussion is again on the ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle database 12c. In one of my earlier post, I had discussed about the extensions/enhancements made to the online statistics collections in Oracle 12c. We have seen

Oracle 12c: Create Container Database silently (non-interactive mode)

Introduction In today’s article I will discuss and explore the creation of a multi-tenant Oracle 12c database. With the introduction of multi-tenant Oracle database architecture, the installation method has changed significantly when compared to the previous releases

ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle Database 12c : Part 1

In my last article “Why Datapump Import (IMPDP) is not ignoring Index Statistics?”, we have seen how the database feature of gathering ONLINE statistics for INDEX prevented IMPDP to exclude the statistics collection during the import process.
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