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Interpreting Free Space in ASM Diskgroup

The Perception: I had the perception that the FREE_MB returned from querying the V$ASM_DISKGROUP is the actual amount of free space available under a particular ASM diskgroup. Till date, I was using the following query to get

Query to check high I/O ASM Disks

This query can be used to identify the Top 10 ASM disks involved in High I/O for a particular database ---------------------------------- ----- Script: chk_asm_io.sql ----- Author: Abu Fazal Abbas ----------------------------------- set lines 200 col Device for a55

Create Disk with ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD)

In my last article, I have demonstrated the steps involved in migrating ASM Disks from ASMLIB to ASMFD (ASM Filter Driver). Today, I would be discussing the steps involved in creating and adding a new ASM Disk

Steps to migrate to Oracle ASM Filter Driver From ASMLIB (GI Standalone Setup)

In Today’s article, I would be demonstrating the steps involved in migrating the ASM disks from Oracle ASM Library Driver (ASMLIB) to the new Oracle GI 12c feature ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD) for Oracle Clusterware Standalone Environment.

ASM Filter driver doesn’t support Unbreakable Linux Kernel

I was in the process of configuring ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD) and it was failing with following errors. -bash-3.2# $ORACLE_HOME/bin/asmcmd afd_configure Connected to an idle instance. AFD-620: AFD is not supported on this operating system version: '2.6.32-100.26.2.el5'

An Encounter with ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD): Oracle GI 12c New Feature

Introduction With Oracle Grid Infrastructure release, Oracle has introduced a new GI component called ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD). Here, I am presenting my first encounter with Oracle ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD). In its simplest form, ASMFD
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