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Oracle 12c: Restrict OS authentication to a single pluggable database

In my last article, I have discussed about the process of implementing OS authentication in a multitenant Oracle 12c database without setting the deprecated parameter REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT. We have seen that we can create a common user for

Oracle 12c: Create Container Database with SQL*Plus

Introduction In my last article, I had discussed about creating a container database in non-interactive with DBCA. However, we have seen there is a limitation with DBCA where it installs all the database components irrespective of the

Oracle 12c: Create Container Database silently (non-interactive mode)

Introduction In today’s article I will discuss and explore the creation of a multi-tenant Oracle 12c database. With the introduction of multi-tenant Oracle database architecture, the installation method has changed significantly when compared to the previous releases

Oracle Database 12c (12.1): Datapump Export and Pluggable databases

As a DBA, we all are familiar with the Datapump (EXPDP/IMPDP) utility for exporting and importing database objects in and across databases. However, with the introduction of Oracle Database 12c and particularly with the introduction of Multi-tenant

Oracle Multitenant: Impact of a Pluggable Database (PDB) Failure

Introduction Today I would be discussing the impact of a pluggable database failure (particularly media failure) on the other pluggable databases and the parent container database. In this article series, I am trying to make an attempt

Migrate a Non CDB database to PDB and plug in to a CDB using DBMS_PDB package

Following databases were used for demonstration Existing CDB : LABCP Existing PDB: LABP Existing NON CDB: LABPA   Step by Step Migration Tasks 1. Generate XML file from NON CDB to prepare for the PDB creation Make
Clef two-factor authentication
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