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Oracle Database 12c : Change in Listener Service Registration Architecture

Overview: While doing troubleshooting with service registration to Listener, I have come across a new Oracle Database background process in 12c called LREG (Listener Registration Process). Prior to Oracle Database 12c, PMON (Process Monitor) was responsible for

Proxy Authentication in Oracle: How to act as a different database user

As a Oracle DBA, very often we face situations where we are asked to execute certain scripts as an Application User in the database. This task is quite simple provided we have the Application user’s password handy. The

Rollback or Restore DDL in Oracle database

Introduction: There could be situations, where you as a DBA might have executed a wrong DDL for a particular database object or the developer might have written a wrong piece of code updating a database code incorrectly

Restructure an Oracle table online using DBMS_REDEFINITION

Introduction As a DBA you may have faced situations, where you need to change the column ordering of a particular table. We have different options to accomplish the task. However, most of the methods requires an outage. Here,
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