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Script to Introduce Manual Block Corruption in Oracle Database

A block corruption in a database is a rare and unwanted situation. However, for testing corruption recovery scenario a DBA needs to have a actual corruption at the block level. I have written a wrapper script that

Query to monitor progress of Index creation or Index rebuild

The following query can be used to monitor the progress of Index creation or Index rebuild for huge indexes. ------------------------------------- ---- Script: chk_idx_progress.sql ---- Author: Abu Fazal Mohammed Abbas -------------------------------------- set lines 200 col "Index Operation" for

Query to check high I/O ASM Disks

This query can be used to identify the Top 10 ASM disks involved in High I/O for a particular database ---------------------------------- ----- Script: chk_asm_io.sql ----- Author: Abu Fazal Abbas ----------------------------------- set lines 200 col Device for a55

Simple Perl script to query Oracle database

This post is for the beginners, who are willing to write PERL codes for querying Oracle database. Prerequisite: PERL must be installed (it comes by default with Oracle Binaries) DBI and DBD::Oracle module for PERL must be

Database Session details

Following script can be used to get informationĀ like OS process ID, PGA allocation, SQL_ID, etc. associated with a database session. The script takes SID and SERIAL# as input. -- Query to find the OS process details of

Script to check Oracle Database Instance uptime

A simple sql query that can be used to find the uptime of a database in terms of Days, Hours and Minutes. -------------------------------------------------- -- Description: Script to check Instance Uptime -- -- Name: instance_uptime.sql -- -- Author:

Script to check OS memory utilization for Oracle Instance

This shell script can be used to check, how much Physical Memmory a particular Oracle database instance is consuming on a Unix [Linux/SunOs] machine. #!/bin/sh ### script to find the actual memory utilization by a oracle instance
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