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SharePlex: Integrate TDE with SharePlex replication

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is a Oracle database feature which was first introduced with Oracle 10g Release 2 as a OUT-OF-PLACE method to encrypt data at the storage level. By default, SharePlex is not capable of replicating

Shareplex: Script to fix startup issue caused by shared memory segments

In my previous post, I had discussed about the workaround to fix Shareplex startup issue related to the shared memory segment or stale process. In today’s post, I would be presenting a shell script that can be

Shareplex: Fixing startup issue caused by shared memory segments

While trying to start Shareplex instance, it is failing with following errors. ##--- ##--- starting Shareplex instance ---## ##--- [oracle@mylab-01 log]$ $SP_BIN/sp_cop -u$SP_COP_TPORT & [1] 406 [oracle@mylab-01 log]$ ******************************************************* * SharePlex for Oracle Startup * Copyright 2014

Shareplex: Restore or Recreate missing/corrupted object cache on Target system

Introduction This post explains and demonstrates the process involved in restoring or recreation of an object cache when it is found to be missing or corrupted. An object cache is a file that is created on source
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